Monday, 30 November 2015

Thing 23 - Making it all work

I use social media at work and at home and it's strange how I seem to separate the 2.  At work I use Hootsuite as I found it near impossible to keep track of Twitter while working and not miss things as we work on such an old browser i was having to use the mobile version.  Pulling them together onto Hootsuite means I only have to check one place and I can keep up with where we are.  Pulling it all together there has also helped me to convince my colleagues to keep track of things while I'm not there - something which wasn't always happening before.  We have tended to stick to Facebook and Twitter mainly at work (although I've just started us on Pinterest) and it's been due to a lack of time to focus on everything.  I think it is important to work out where your audience is and focus on it rather than try to be everywhere and I will be mentioning that we need to revisit our social media strategy with an eye to what our ultimate goal with it is.  

At home, I do find it difficult to keep up with social media and I often find myself neglecting something for a while and then remembering to get back to it.  I also have a business account on some social media platforms and I really am making it my resolution next year to have a look at scheduling posts properly to really enhance my presence and properly publicise what I'm doing.

It's taken me quite a bit longer than I initially thought it would to work through all 23 things and although that's partly been lack of time it's also nature of the "things" themselves.  Some I've found fascinating, many I've found myself using as a matter of course and all have definitely peaked my interest.  There are certainly times when I've thought long and hard and possibly deeper than I've wanted to about some of the questions posed but in the end it's been such a wormhole experience and I'd like to thank the whole Rudai23 team and fellow participants for a very enjoyable few months.

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  1. Hi

    Congratulations on making it to the end! I've really enjoyed reading your posts and it seems like you had a real journey along the way.

    The Rudai23 Team